QYLFI, Soccer Gear For Zambia

Traning for QYLFI

We have conducted another training with our rural changers. This time our friend Nga´ndwe Nga´ndwe were here to go through Comprehensie Sexuality Education given out  by the government.


It was a 3 Days training ending last saturday with all of our Rural Changers participating, and we were in Mumbi Chiefdome.51718636_632239000539724_2123212981083832320_n

The overview topics of the training was:
– Who is an Adolescent
– Challenges faced by Adolescents in SRHR
– Let’s talk about SEX! (understanding Sexual intercourse and conduct)
– Interpersonal communication skills
– Understanding Policy (legal and policy landscape around SRHR in Zambia)
– Zambian Government structure
– Social Accountability
– Becoming an SRHR Champion (do as you teach, become a rolemodel)
– Way forward


We are satisfied with the outcome of the training and is now looking forward to a great project. We are also pleased with the support we got for this project. Action Aid is the sponsors and helped us with the concept. Then we have Team Elmhurst over in the US who contributed in the Soccer gear for Zambia which jerseys we are using in the project. Then on the ground in Mumbi we have Chief Mumbi who´s support gives us a way to link up with the leaders of our community, which is one of the core activities in this project.


Thank you all for three memorable days.


RSF Sweden, Rural Sports Foundation

Incoming computers

A few weeks ago there was a robbery at our office. One of our Rural Changers managed to scare the robbers away, but they got away with some bikes and computers. That was a big set back for us but of course our thoughts go to the Rural Changer who had to witness the scene.

Now we have looked into our security at the office and today we are happy to announce that we have gotten another support from Rural Sports Foundation Sweden. After a fundraise campaign in Sweden we have managed to buy two new computers that will come in handy for our administration in our ambitious plans of 2019.

So thank you Rural Sports Foundation Sweden and everyone involved in the fundraising!


Rural Sports Foundation, Skillz Core

Meeting with GRS and Chief Mumbi

Our partner Grass Root Soccer has joined us to meet Chief Mumbi for a review of 2018 and a lay-out of 2019.

Chief Mumbi is a great supporter for us in his community. On Wednesday we met him to listen to his and his communities thoughts of last years activities. We got great words both from the Skillz core activities and the green energy products we are supplying in the region.

We also got the chance to talk a bit about our upcomming events and got his blessings and support for whats ahead. We really appreciate that we share the efforts with the Chief as we continue to work for social change in Petauke District.

At last we then had the chance to meet up the Rural Changers in the village and together with GRS we made the lay-out for 2019.

After all, a very fruitful day prior a promising year!

chief mumbi

Rural Sports Foundation

We are strengthern up the Organization

2019 comes with great oportunities for Rural Sports Foundation and the communities we are working in. We are looking forward to a eventful year and to be able to implement what we want, we have strengthern up up organization.

Since some time back we now has Brian Moyo on a part-time contract and will be working with Finance and Bussiness development. Brian has a Diploma in banking and finance and a heart for what we do so we are very pleased to have him onboard!


Another position that will be a great booster for all of our football-activities is that we now, starting from next week having a football headcoach. Gerald Simfukwe is a former proffessional footballplayer which has the last years been involved in Football for Good organizations in Lusaka. Gerald is one of the founding Directors of RSF and we are so happy that he now will join us in Petauke and become the Football headcoach.


At last but by no means least, we have our projectcoordinators. Catherine Chavinda will continue coordinating our Goal-project. Then we are happy to introduce one of our most devoted young Rural Changers, Derrick Kamunga, to take up a coordination role of the Skillz Core and SRH Our Right project. Our projectcoordinators will work closely together to make sure that the projects will run smoothly.


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QYLFI, Rural Sports Foundation

Big signing to start off the year

On Friday the 18:th of January, Director Job Mwanza was in Lusaka to sign a one year MoU with Action Aid Zambia. The MoU include a 6 months project with a possibility to extend for another 6 months.

It is a Queen Young Leader Firestarter Initiative project and we were selected from a big pool of applications. Our project will be called SRH Services Our Right and will be about civic leader engagement in SRHR policies.


The MoU was signed by Job Mwanza and Action Aid Zambia Director Nalucha Nganga Ziba, and the guest of honor at the cermony was our special advisor to the board, the swedish ambassador, Henrik Cederin who wished us all the best with the implementation.


This support from Action Aid will help us with funds to run the project which will lead to more focus on the SRHR-policies in our communities both from civic leaders and from the young people that we meet. It will also help us to strengthen our organization through capacity building in project-implementation, finance, monitoring and evaluation.

We are very happy that Action Aid gave our communies the resourses for this project that has the possibility to bring change in Petauke District, and we are honored that they believes in our organization to be the implementer.