International Girls Day

On Thursday the 11th of October it was the International Girls Day! We acknowledge the day through having some girls for a special Goal session.


Some of the key points of the day was: Girls right to sports, Girls can access that right through sports programs like ours and the benefits of sports programs.Team picture

The international girls day was declared by the UN and is a initiative to support more opportunities for girls and increase awareness for gender inequality. The day included both theoretical sessions as well as a game of Netball!

Game´s on


Goal Trainings

Today we had the first trainings day for our Rural Changers to equip them with knowledge and skills to conduct the goal sessions with the 300 girls from the six identified schools.

Our partner in this project, NOWSPAR is the once who facilitate the trainings. The day included an introduction of the project, information about facilitation, peer-pressure and to be yourself.

All the 10 project facilitators as well as three other staff members participated in today’s training, and we are looking forward for the rest of the week.

On Friday is the BIG LAUNCHING DAY, on our festivals first day!

 Stay tuned for more news

Goal training