Ligi Yatu

Ligi Yatu March

On saturday we held another great Ligi Yatu! This time around with a celebrety and 120 kids showing up!

Catherine Phiri bacame the first African boxer to win the World Boxing Council bantam weight champion when she beat Yazmin Rivas from Mexico in 2016. Since then she has been honoured both by the World boxing council and our president, Edgar Lungu. On saturday she passed by the ground to meet all our excieted Ligi Yatu participants.


It was a very succesfull day having sessions with the topic: Kicking AIDS out! The participants learnt about different methods to keep out of bad habits. They was encouraged to focus on schoolwork and continue being involved in sports.


Our oldest female players was officiating the games during this tournament and they handled the 17 teams very good.


We also had another honorable guest: Chief Mumbi. He was there with Catherine and gave his support to us and to a new project it Petauke Town where Catherine invited all children 10-15 years old to try out Boxing! Great initiative!


In all a very nice tournament with a lot of intense games. Once again, a great praise to our peer-leaders who is constantly changing our community for a bright future!


Ligi Yatu, QYLFI, Soccer Gear For Zambia

Ligi Yatu 2019

Another great day at Rural Sports Foundation. Yesterday it was time for this year´s first Ligi Yatu. This time it was 19 teams, in the categories U10 and U12 competing and had a fun day on the field.


It was great to see, that thanks to the shipment from USA, all the kids could play with teamkits!


We had games on four fields going on for four hours, so a lot of games played.


As always our Rural Changers was there to conduct educational sessions as well. This day was about child abuse. The participants went through sessions about Physical, mental and sexuall abuse. We aslo took the advantage of the event to invite some older adolescents as well to have a meeting for the QYLFI-project to discuss SRHR-issues and policies.


Lastly we are happy that we was able to arrenge for some winning prices this time around, giving the participants something to compete for. Everyone won refreshments and winners got some equiptment to engage them even more in the game of football!


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Thank you all for a wonderful day!

Ligi Yatu, Soccer Gear For Zambia

Ligi Yatu November

On Saturday there was a great day in Petauke! 188 kids participated in this months Ligi Yatu.


The rainseason is appoaching so we used the occation to prepare the participants with educational sessions about personal hygiene to reduce the risk of Cholera disease.


As always there was a lot of action on the fields of football as the teams was competing for the glory!

One of the biggest happenings of the day was the equiptment distribution. Soccer Gear for Zambias (the american partner) shipment has arrived and we gave out match kits to 15 teams that was participation in the tournament!


We are so grateful to have such a great partner who shares the joy of football from one part of the world to the other. We also thank all of our Rural Changers that makes these events possible – great achivement!


Ligi Yatu, Rural Sports Foundation, Soccer Gear For Zambia

Equiptment arrival

It´s busy days in Zambia! Earlier this week the shipment with equiptment from USA arrived to Lusaka. Director Job Mwanza got help from partners from Child Life Soccer Academy in Lusaka to arrange for futher distribution all around the country.

Boys Petauke3

The shipment from USA this year came with no less than 2300 individual items! There is over 200 balls, matchkits for about 800 kids, over 60 shoes and other football equiptment!

Game in Petauke

RSF have 20 partners in Copperbelt Province, Lusaka Province, Eastern Province, Southern Province, Western Province and Luapula Province that will make sure that kids all across Zambia will benefit from this project! Then of course we have all the kids in our own academy, social football programs and Ligi Yatus, that stretches from Petauke town to the villages in the south.


We are so thankful to our partners and sponsors in the USA that made this possible. It´s with great passion Luara Stukel started the Soccer Gear for Zambia movement, 2 years ago, where football-families in the US donate all this equiptment and ship it to Zambia. This years drive was departuring from USA in the end of July for a 3 month ferry-journey over the Atlantic ocean.

Mottagning Southern

There will be a very special Ligi Yatu in Petauke town on Saturday! We have gotten a tent from SupaMoto where the kids can get out from the heat for a while as well as undergo the sessions with our Rural Changers, and then of course – Distribution day! The teams will look very smart and there will be a lot of excietment!

Girls petauke

Look out for more pictures on our Facebook and on the facebook site for Soccer gear for Zambia as we get more photos from academies across the country! We want to thank everyone involved in this project and wish all beneficiaries good luck and joyment with your equiptment!

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Ligi Yatu

Ligi Yatu September

Now the schools are up and running again and we have conducted this semesters first Ligi Yatu. This month the topic was peer pressure.

Lektion och match

Rural Changers educated the 125 participants in what peer pressure is and how to avoid being victims.

LektionWhile some of the teams where in session, others played their games.


We want to thank all our Rural Changers for doing this day to a special day for these kids!