Ligi Yatu

Ligi Yatu August

After the Skillz curriculum trainings, two weeks ago, our Rural Changers has gathered a team each to teach them in SRH for a 10 practices long course.

Rural Changers

Over 200 participants were to be graduated on yesterdays Ligi Yatu as they participated in this months tournament and on the same time got the last practice: “Change the game´´


As always, it was a lot of energy in the games.


The last theme of the curriculum was “change the game´´ and in this practice the participants was discussing how to become the changer in their community, how to help their community to tackle the issues of SRH.


As always, we want to thank our Rural Changers for your devotion in changing our community in Petauke District!

Ligi Yatu

Ligi Yatu July

Last weekend it was time for this months Ligi Yatu! 9 teams was competing in this tournament which added up to 108 children.


The topic of the day was Gender Roles which brought up issues like the importance of boys and girls working together and help each other out in the household for example.


The topic gave our participants a small part of our bigger Goal-project because the sessions conducted is a part of the sessions we usually bring to the school-girls in Petauke.

This event was conducted by our devoted peer-leaders: Catherine, Richard, Jane and Derrick. Jane was happy that during the discussions the boys acknowledge that they should take part of the household-work, for example cleaning the plates.



Ligi Yatu

Football drives social Change among Children in rural communities

RSF Zambia with supprt from its partners local and abroad continues to drive social change among children in rural communities through
sport. The four days holiday started with a band as 12 teams took part in this month’s LIGI YATU.


The games were full of actions on the pitch while experiencing foul play among the partcipants. As such,
the next LIGI YATU will be more on FOOTBALL3. So we inculcate fare play and discipline among participants.


Peer leaders took a center stage to educate partcipants on Personal Hygiene affecting most of children.


Ligi Yatu, RSF Sweden

Zambia reaching out to Sweden

In July our Director, Job Mwanza, is flying to Sweden for the Gothia Cup (The World Youth Cup) that taking place in Gothenburg. During his stay in Sweden he will, together with Erik Lek from RSF Sweden arrange our first Ligi Yatu in Sweden.

The Ligi Yatu will be a bit smaller than the once we have in Zambia but we want to give the Swedish kids a possibility to try on the concept and on the same time learn about Zambian culture. The topic of the educational sessions will be Zambian culture and especially how it is to raise up in Zambia. One example of this is that Job will bring some Leba that our Zambian participants has made to be used on the tournament.


The venue will be a small city called Strömstad (the home of RSF Sweden) just on the border to Norway. We are excited to take the concept to Sweden and share the Zambian way to our football friends in Sweden. We also hope that we can spread the information about our activities here in Petauke among the kids and their parents.

Underneath you´ll see the invitation letter to the event that is written in Swedish because it is for the participants and their parents.


Ligi Yatu

Ligi Yatu!

What a great achievement for staffs, peer leaders and older boys from RSF Zambia. 160 direct Participants plus 45 indirect participants.

On May 12th, 2018, RSFZ managed to put smells on 205 children that came through for the Ligi Yatu. 16 teams of 10 players each went through 20 minutes football games and educational lessons conducted by the rural changers. This time, rural changers taught the boys and girls on the importance of saving money for good purpose. The activities which started around 9:15hrs went through to 14:00hrs to allow all participants play needed games and go through planned lessons. We all look forwards to another exciting Ligi Yatu schedule on the 16th of June 2018



RSFZ, uses the power of sports to inspire 100 to 200 children between ages of 6 to 14 every month through Ligi Yatu (our league). The project is centered on education while the participants got through football games. The older boys and girls from the academy (U15 upwards) go to their communities to recruit boys and girls for the Ligi Yatu. These older players becomes coaches and referees while trained peer leaders make station where the participating boys and girls goes through for educational sessions. At the moment RSF engage these participating boys/girls on YDF module which is focusing on water, sanitation and hygiene and Goal module which focus on be money Savvy, Rights, Leadership and Health. The facilitators pick a topic from either of the two modules each month and teach the participating children that month.