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Visit and AAZ quarter report

After a busy week for the management we are now looking back on a great week!

On Monday Erik from RSF Sweden came to Petauke and he will be staying with us now until mid June! We have used the week to get him up to speed with the organization so we now have a foundation to work from.


Otherwise the major task was to compile the report to Action Aid for the start up of the QYLFI project.

After the trainings in February we have used 5 weeks  to deliver 10 sessions per youth group in topics related to SRHR policies. We are happy that we were able to deliver these sessions as planned and are confident that the adolescents we met now have a bit more knowledge of the same field.

As we compiled the report we also wrote some success stories including that we got the support from Chief Mumbi to be able to make a greater impact in the long run, as well as participants saying that sexuall harassments had reduced, girls knowing their rights of school after pregnancy and adolescents now got to know youth friendly corners.



Ligi Yatu, QYLFI, Soccer Gear For Zambia

Ligi Yatu 2019

Another great day at Rural Sports Foundation. Yesterday it was time for this year´s first Ligi Yatu. This time it was 19 teams, in the categories U10 and U12 competing and had a fun day on the field.


It was great to see, that thanks to the shipment from USA, all the kids could play with teamkits!


We had games on four fields going on for four hours, so a lot of games played.


As always our Rural Changers was there to conduct educational sessions as well. This day was about child abuse. The participants went through sessions about Physical, mental and sexuall abuse. We aslo took the advantage of the event to invite some older adolescents as well to have a meeting for the QYLFI-project to discuss SRHR-issues and policies.


Lastly we are happy that we was able to arrenge for some winning prices this time around, giving the participants something to compete for. Everyone won refreshments and winners got some equiptment to engage them even more in the game of football!


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Thank you all for a wonderful day!


Action Aid is on the go

Yesterday our Rural Changers went out in the communities to start up the activities for the QYLFI-project!


We held meetings in Sikolwe, Mumbi, Esaki, Chandema and Mataya village.

In the upcoming weeks we will conduct meetings to deepen the discussions about SRHR and SRHR-policies.


A lot of intresting discussions came up during the first day and now we are looking forward to the upcoming events.


Next up now is today´s Ligi Yatu… Great days!


QYLFI, Soccer Gear For Zambia

Traning for QYLFI

We have conducted another training with our rural changers. This time our friend Nga´ndwe Nga´ndwe were here to go through Comprehensie Sexuality Education given out  by the government.


It was a 3 Days training ending last saturday with all of our Rural Changers participating, and we were in Mumbi Chiefdome.51718636_632239000539724_2123212981083832320_n

The overview topics of the training was:
– Who is an Adolescent
– Challenges faced by Adolescents in SRHR
– Let’s talk about SEX! (understanding Sexual intercourse and conduct)
– Interpersonal communication skills
– Understanding Policy (legal and policy landscape around SRHR in Zambia)
– Zambian Government structure
– Social Accountability
– Becoming an SRHR Champion (do as you teach, become a rolemodel)
– Way forward


We are satisfied with the outcome of the training and is now looking forward to a great project. We are also pleased with the support we got for this project. Action Aid is the sponsors and helped us with the concept. Then we have Team Elmhurst over in the US who contributed in the Soccer gear for Zambia which jerseys we are using in the project. Then on the ground in Mumbi we have Chief Mumbi who´s support gives us a way to link up with the leaders of our community, which is one of the core activities in this project.


Thank you all for three memorable days.